Audits and researches – we will give an outside view, find bottlenecks, share experience and recommendations, and give useful tools
*We will need an access to the extranets of sales channels and PMS or a channel manager for work
Includes website, sales, revenue audit and mystery booking
An online or live meeting, where we can answer specific questions in the field of revenue management, sales, marketing
Making reservations in different sources: phone, chat, e-mail, website, sales channel; evaluation of the work of the staff, including non-standard requests
Selection of a competitive group (5 to 10 competitors), comparative analysis of pricing policies, sales policies, reputation, services, strengths, and weaknesses.
Checking of a hotel rate policy: compliance with the market, compliance with the level of service, presence of the necessary rates and their correctness, price settings for different types of accommodation, booking conditions on channels and for direct booking
5 channels of your choice from a guest point of view:
convenience of booking, presentation of information, visual content, sales policy and efficiency
In addition to the basic version: Website visitors, traffic sources, page effectiveness, website conversion.
*access to Yandex.Metrica/Google Analytics required
Visual cleanliness, convenience for the guest, speed and adaptability of the site, operation of the booking engine, content
What we can check:
Work timeline
step 1
Definition of your request, the final goals, the result you want to get
Commercial offer, consideration and agreement
Terms and cost
step 2
1-2 working days
Contract signing, invoice and prepayment
Contract and invoice
step 3
Request the necessary information for work, search for the missing data
Information gathering
step 4
3-5 working days
Analysis of the received data, formulation of recommendations for improvement
Conducting an audit
step 5
5-10 working days
A detailed file-report with the audit results and recommendations
Sending the results
step 6
Q&A session, commenting of the audit if needed
Summing up
step 7
Get your free consultation
A 30-minute online meeting where we will tell you how revenue management can help you