Revenue management

Outsource revenue manager will replace the one in the staff, free up your time and increase the income of your hotel. We work both with existing properties and future hotel projects.
Pre-sales setup
a necessary step for revenue management if you haven't done it before. Includes:
Audit of existing pricing and sales
Assessing the current state, effectiveness of current rates and sales channels, identifying growth opportunities
Strategic session with the owner or manager
Discussing goals and expected outcomes from collaboration, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the property from the hotel's perspective
Market and competitor analysis
Determining demand levels, seasonality, events, strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and their pricing strategies
Development of a new revenue management strategy
Based on historical data and analysis, creating a new strategy: which sales channels to use, which rates and rules to apply
Presentation and implementation session for the new strategy
detailed guidance on implementation
Full revenue management includes:
Daily hotel price control
The demand changes very quickly, as do the actions of your competitors. It is important to react to the changes in time so that the hotel can earn more
Adjustment of the rate policy and online sales
Market conditions may change, especially nowadays. Sometimes it is necessary to significantly change the approach to rates and sales
Online channels management
It is important to choose channels that really work for your property and update information in time in order not to misinform guests and be higher in the search
Promotions and offers
With their help, you can attract guests during the low season or separate "failing" dates
Statistics and reporting
The decisions for the future can be made only on the basis of correctly selected and interpreted data
Revenue forecasting for the next period
A plan based on analytics and real opportunities will allow you to sensibly estimate future revenues
Revenue analysis for hotel projects includes:
Market analysis in the specified location
Demand dynamics, points of attraction, existing segments
Competitor analysis
Selection of a competitive group, SWOT analysis, pricing analysis
Target audience analysis
Demographic data, affordability, length of stay, interests
Positioning recommendations
Selection of the hotel segment, its main advantages, and opportunities for differentiation from competitors
Revenue management model
Development of a possible revenue management strategy model
Pre-opening of the hotel includes:
PMS selection
Selection of options, configuration, training in working with PMS
Development of revenue management strategy
Sales channel setup
Selection, content filling of extranets, channel manager integration
Booking engine setup
Selection of options, design, rates and offer uploads
Integration of analytics systems
Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics if necessary, social media pixels
Staff instructions
Detailed guides on working with PMS, rates, and sales channels
Work timeline
step 1
Definition of your request, the final goals, the result you want to get
Commercial offer, consideration and agreement
Terms and cost
step 2
1-2 working days
Contract signing, invoice and prepayment
Contract and invoice
step 3
Request the necessary information for work, search for the missing data
Information gathering
step 4
3-5 working days
Rate grid and sales policies development, dynamic pricing implementation
Sales structure set up
step 5
7-10 working days
Coordination of our regular online meetings and reports – in case of remote revenue management
Meetings & reports
step 6
You find your Zen and we work :)
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