We will teach you or your employees the basics of revenue management and more
Which themes can be observed:
What are they, features, settings for the best result
Review of the popular online sales channels
The training is built according to your requests. You can specify another topic of interest at a trial consultation, and we will orient you on the possibility of training.
Must-have list for all properties, set up
Basic rules, case study
What are they, the bare minimum, why do we need a grid and how to use it
Review of the maps and metasearchers
Dynamic pricing
How to choose a competitive set, what to pay attention to, how to analyze
What data to collect, how to receive it, what indicators to watch and analyze
How to choose and point your main advantage
Statistics, analytics, reporting
Work timeline
1 шаг
Definition of your request, the final goals, the result you want to get
Determine the required number of sessions, form an individual program
Drawing up a training plan
step 2
Contract signing, invoice and prepayment
Contract and invoice
step 3
Online meetings: lecture, case study, Q&A session
4 шаг
Screencasts of lectures, notes with theses, tool templates (if needed)
Sending the materials
step 5
Get your free consultation
A 30-minute online meeting where we will tell you how revenue management can help you