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Remote revenue management for hotels worldwide

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A 30-minute online meeting where we will tell you how revenue management can help you
We can help you if:
Your hotel makes less money than it could
You have no time and desire for day-to-day routine
Graphs and numbers cause headaches
Revenue manager in staff is too expensive for you
You’d like to understand revenue management yourself or have your employees been taught
How it works:
Revenue management
Suitable for hotels and apart-hotels, capsule hotels, hostels, glampings, guest houses, vacation rentals
> we examine your property and its potential
> we develop a revenue strategy
> we handle all your revenue management
Your hotel will earn at least 10% more than now
You’ll save your time and effort
What you get:
How it works:
Suitable for any property that needs a check of its sales and revenue performance
We will analyse:
> how your online sales channels work
> the efficiency of your rate policy
> your points of growth
> what are your competitors
Recommendations and tools that will help you fix the problems yourself and increase the hotel conversion
What you get:
Suitable for those who’d like to manage revenue by themselves or to teach the employees
> We’ll select the topics that you need
> Lessons format: lecture, case studies, Q&A session
> Notes, screencasts and useful tools will remain with you forever
You’ll be able to competently manage revenues and increase the income of your hotel by yourself or your employees will be able to do the same
What you get:
How it works:
What is revenue management and do you need it
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Natalia Babushnikova is the main guru of the company with 15 years of experience in various facilities: from hostels to 4*hotels